Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The band conditions were much more stable today on the less than 200 mile paths.  Good signals averaging about S3 with very little QSB was observed between KW4DE, KP2AE, WA4LDU, WA4PGI and W4DEX.  The  over 200 mile path between WA4LDU and WA4PGI (275 miles) was poor.  

WW8II on CW was copied at about 529 most of the time by W4DEX and KW4DE but deep fades into the noise were noticed. 

The best conditions were between WW8II and KGØVL, 443 miles.  Initially a solid CW contact was made between them and later a Q5 SSB contact was made.  Click on link below to hear WW8II's CW as received by KGØVL.  Sounds just like a local signal!



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