Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Just as we thought propagation couldn't get any worse it did.  Although last year we did have a few days that conditions were worse than today.

Initially WW8II on CW was not detectable at W4DEX but a bit later a very weak signal was heard.  Even the shortest path of 51 miles was weaker than yesterday.  KP2AE was only S2 but very little QSB was noticed.  WA4PGI at 175 miles was Q5 about half the time with QSB swings.  WB4EZ at 202 miles was barely heard at W4DEX which has happen very few times over the past 15 months.  K4TEG initially was barely detectable at 139 miles but later was S1 at W4DEX.  K4KPT at 150 miles checked in last with a S2 signal at W4DEX.

No signal was detected both ways between KGØVL and W4DEX, 808 miles, with both running CW at about 700 watts.  Very different from the propagation on the same path from the middle of January through the first week in February when propagation supported solid SSB QSO's between the two stations.

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