Monday, March 4, 2019

Today was almost another repeat of propagation we experienced the past several days. Close range signals were fair with fast deep QSB fades. AMBAM on SSB was S3 at W4DEX, 216 miles. KP2AE and WA1AC was S7 most of the time with fast fades. WW8II on CW was S3 initially fading down to S1 at W4DEX.

KGØVL and WW8II completed a CW contact at 443 miles. KGØVL was able to detect CW from W4DEX at 808 miles.

Space Weather Message Code: ALTEF3
Serial Number: 2915
Issue Time: 2019 Mar 04 0859 UTC
CONTINUED ALERT: Electron 2MeV Integral Flux exceeded 1000pfu
Continuation of Serial Number: 2914
Begin Time: 2019 Feb 28 1710 UTC
Yesterday Maximum 2MeV Flux: 45516 pfu

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