Friday, March 1, 2019

Propagation today was very unsettled just like the geomagnetic field.  Out to 100 miles signals were much weaker than normal with quick deep QSB reported by WA4LDU, KP2AE, W4NUS and W4DEX.  Initial contact between WA4PGI and W4DEX was fairly good at about S5 at 175 miles.  Within less than a minute there was no detectable signal then rebounding to S5. 

The most distant QSO made was between K1RZ and WW8II at 384 miles.  K1RZ also competed a QSO with WA4PGI.  WW8II was also heard by W4DEX at 510 miles and KGØVL at 443 miles. 

The 1700 kHz carrier from KGBB in Des Moines, Iowa received at W4DEX, remained at noise level from 1700UT until at least 1930UT.  On most days the carrier would cycle above and into the noise peaking about 5 to 10 dB above.

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