Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Propagation was slightly better today at less than 200 miles.  Signals still were not strong but much more stable than over the past week.  WA4PGI was good copy at KP2AE, KW4DE and W4DEX.  WA4LDU was good copy at KW4DE, KP2AE and W4DEX.  AB4AM was good copy at WA4LDU and KP2AE at less than 200 miles but barely detectable at W4DEX at 216 miles.  WB4EZ was heard at W4DEX and KW4DE but only Q2 copy at over 200 miles.  

AM4AM reported hearing dashes just prior to 1630z while WW8II was sending CW but at the same time W4DEX was also on CW in QSO with WA4PGI.

KGØVL reported hearing CW from WW8II just prior to 1630z and also somewhat weaker a bit later.  KGØVL did not hear CW from W4DEX on a transmission just after 1700z.

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