Friday, March 15, 2019

The 160 meter daytime propagation test seems to have gained more interest lately.  Unfortunately though propagation wasn't very good today.  Stations that participated today were AB4AM, WW8II, WA4LDU, KGØVL, KP2AE, KD4LDD and AG5SP.  Two QSO were completed, AB4AM with WA4LDU and after several tries WW8II with KGØVL.   KD9LDD reported hearing CW which probably was from from WW8II at 243 miles or KGØVL at 215 miles. AG5SP in Texas is over 1000 miles from our closest regular participant.  Daytime 160M contacts have been reported at that distance but are rare.  We need more activity between those long paths to keep the interest up.  It takes a rare breed to be interested in attempting to catch one of those long distance daytime 160 meter openings.   

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