Sunday, March 3, 2019

Propagation today was just a repeat of yesterday.  WA4PGI was Q5 but only averaging about S3 with deep QSB fades at W4DEX.  About the same for the WA4LDU to W4DEX path.  There was no copy between WA4PGI and WA4LDU

AB4AM on SSB was heard prior to 1730 UT by WA4LDU.  AB4AM had to QRT just after 1730 UT due to close lightning.

WW8II on CW was heard 529 by W4DEX at 510 miles.  A long CW transmission by W4DEX was not heard by either WW8II or KGØVL.  

A complete 443 mile CW QSO was made between WW8II and KGØVL

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