Monday, March 18, 2019

Propagation today was very poor compared to what we have recently had.  The earth's geomagnetic field was quiet today but there was several small burst of solar x-ray flux hitting the ionosphere.   But we  have seen much greater x-ray flux days that did not seem to affect propagation.  

WW8II on CW today was initially barely detectable at W4DEX but later was heard at 419.  Still very much down from normal.   After several CW transmission by WW8II his signal was received by KGØVL weak but copyable. 

WW8II detected CW from W4DEX but there was no signal detected at KGØVL.

AB4AM on SSB was weak be Q5 copy at W4DEX (216 miles) and KP2AE but no QSO was made.  WB4EZ at 202 miles from W4DEX was barely detectable on SSB.  Even the shortest paths between KP2AE (51 miles) and W4NUS (24 miles) received at W4DEX was just a few S units above the noise.  On an average day both stations are near S9.

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