Friday, March 22, 2019

Just another interesting day on 1900 kHz!  The solar flux remains in the moderate range and propagation remains depressed.  Several stations reported higher than normal hash type noise.  Initially, it was thought to be due to solar noise but since not everyone experienced the same the noise likely was either due to dry winds or local noise.  

Noise at W4DEX was higher than normal and local signals were even weaker than the previous several days.  KW4DE at 16 miles is mostly groundwave so that path was still S9.  The next shortest path checked was between W4DEX and KP2AE.  Normally KP2AE is about S7 on the short 51 mile path. Today however with KP2AE running the normal 100 watts and with the increased noise at W4DEX it was mostly a one way QSO.  The signal from WA1AC at 73 miles from W4DEX was also considerable weaker than normal.

Someone on CW was heard by KW4DE and W4DEX but was never identified.  The station was likely WA4PGI who is normally good copy at both stations.

AB4AM was heard well by KP2AE and at times by KW4DE.  AB4AM was not heard by W4DEX or WA1AC.  AB4AM was successful as catching K3LQB for a solid 30 mile path QSO.  

WW8II on CW which is normally heard on the 510 mile path to W4DEX was not heard today.  However, KGØVL did have Q5 copy on WW8II's CW during one transmission.  WW8II did not hear KGØVL so no QSO on that 443 mile path today.  KGØVL did not detect any signal during a 2 minute CW transmission from W4DEX.

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