Saturday, March 2, 2019

The geomagnetic activity was back down to a Kp index of 2 but propagation today was about the same as the several previous days.   Signals at less than 100 miles were fair with slightly less noticeable QSB than yesterday.  This was noticed by KW4DE, WA1AC, KM4GBM and W4DEX.  WB4EZ was still very weak at W4DEX, 202 miles.  WA4PGI at 175 miles was Q5 but somewhat weaker than normal.

WW8II on CW was heard 529 by KW4DE and W4DEX.  Both WW8II and KGØVL reported detecting SSB at times but it never was determined who they may have been hearing.  WW8II and KGØVL was able to complete a QSO at 443 miles.   

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