Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Propagation out to about 400 miles was good today.  All stations reported good signals with some slow QSB. It has been noted many times that when QSB on WB4EZ's signal is at a minimum at W4DEX (202 miles) the signal at KP2AE (252 miles) is near maximum for the day.   KP2AE reported WB4EX hitting S9 at times today.  KW4DE also reported WB4EZ hitting S9 at times.  

 AB4AM and WB4EZ had a two way exchange at 405 miles.  WB4EZ runs 100 watts to a dipole.   AB4AM reported KP2AE hitting S9 at times.  AB4AM also made a two way exchange with W4DEX and KW4DE.

The more distant paths that have been made over the past week or so were not made today.KGØVL was on but no contact made with WW8II or W4DEX that have been done recently.

WW8II on CW was heard by KP2AE, W4DEX, KW4DE and WB4EZ who reported his signal at near S9.  However not two way exchange was made.  

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