Wednesday, January 30, 2019

1900 kHz propagation was certainly different today from what we've seen recently. None of the more distant receptions were made. The most distant was AB4AM who was good copy at S4 at W4DEX at 216 miles. But this is below what the path has recently been.

The only other stations local to W4DEX was K4CFZ, KB2UE and KP2AE. For most of the half hour session KP2AE was S9+ at W4DEX at 51 miles. Almost instantly the signal dropped to S1 and over the next 5 minutes QSB was very fast.

As can be seen by the chart below there has been more solar x-ray flux hitting the ionosphere D layer recently. This seems to be responsible for the change in propagation today.

Space Weather Message Code: ALTEF3 Serial Number: 2898
ALERT: Electron 2MeV Integral Flux exceeded 1000pfu Issue
Time: 2019 Jan 30 1626 UTC
Station: GOES
Threshold Reached: 2019 Jan 30 1627 UTC

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