Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Conditions were somewhat different today.  Much more fast QSB than what we've become to expect as normal.  Perhaps that is due to faster changing solar wind speed today.  Compare the solar wind speed on the chart below to the previous days chart.  Also the solar X-ray flux was just slightly elevated.

Today we started with a quick CQ QSO between KGØVL and W4DEX at 808 miles.  KGØVL now runs about 700 watts. 

KGØVL copied and reply to a CW call from WA4PGI but no contact made.  It's obvious KGØVL has a much lower noise location.    

At W4DEX KP2AE (51 miles) was the usual S9.  Even though that is a short path we have seen times signals were very weak.  WB4EZ (202 miles) had wide fairly fast QSB swings from S2 to S6. WB4WCJ (192 miles) was much weaker than on the previous days averaging just S2 but not as much QSB as on the WB4EZ path.  

W2RLB was heard at W4DEX (537 miles) but no QSO was made

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