Saturday, January 12, 2019

Lots of activity again this Saturday.  Heard Q5 here at W4DEX was WB4EZ (S7), K4DBK (S5), WA1AC (S7), KD4RLD (S7) , NØVHN (S5), AB4AM (S9), KGØVL (S1), W8LXJ (S5), N4SVC (S5), N4AOW (S5), WW8II (2) and I know there was others I missed.  The path to WB4EZ (202 miles) was equal to best head over the past year.  Other signals were good but not the best heard on the previously logged stations. 

A few audio clips as heard 30 miles east of Charlotte, NC:





From Jeff, KGØVL: "Good copy on W4DEX, S1 to S2 when not clobbered by qrm. Workable stations included (but not limited to): AB4AM, W4DEX, N4AOW, KC2UT, NØVHN, WW8II. Perhaps I am incorrect, but I believe I copied N4SVC as well."


Longwave broadcast receptions here last evening was the best was the best of the season.
Ireland on 252 kHz was especially good copy: 

And Michael Jackson's Thriller on 171 kHz, Morocco:

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