Friday, January 18, 2019

Big turnout today with several new stations participating and some good DX contacts made.  Stations active today:  N3RFO, W4NUS, AB4AM, WA1AC, KP2AE, WA4PGI, WW8II, WB4EZ, AB3C, W3BQG, KM4PFF, W8WIL, KGØVL, and W4DEX.

QSB was noticeably more dramatic today than recently observed.  KP2AE copied WB4EZ S9 at times while WB4EZ was S1 at W4DEX.  Most all present had good copy on other stations during brief peaks.

A few of the most distant QSOs:
WA1AC to N3RFO at 355 miles
WA1AC to W8WIL at 351 miles
WW8II to W4DEX at  510 miles
KGØVL to W4DEX at 808 miles
WA4PGI to WW8II at 358 miles
WA4PGI to WA1AC at 250 miles

Audio clip of the WA1AC - W8WIL QSO:

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