Sunday, January 20, 2019

Most everyone reported high noise levels due to high winds and colder temperatures today.  However propagation seemed to still be good with several 500+ mile Q5 copy reports on peaks. 

Heard at W4DEX was WA4PGI S5, WB5EZ S6, W4NUS S5, K4DBK S5, K3QYE S7, W4BQG S2, WW8II S5, N3RFO S1, KX3DM S1.

K4DBK reported WA4PGI S9, N3RFO S9, WW8II S9, W4BQG S9, N3ARW S9, N2KMS S9.

WW8II reported WA4PGI S9, KX3DM S9, K4DBK S9, K8MRS S9, K3QYE S9

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