Sunday, January 13, 2019

Good turnout again today for the test.  Stations heard at W4DEX were WB4EZ (S3), WA4LDU (S5), WB4WCJ (S3), WA1AC (S9), K4DBK (S3), N3EIO (S3), W2RLB/2 (S5), WW8II (S2).  Also known to be on but not heard were W4SWR, N2KEJ and WA8DHQ.  

Most distant QSOs known to have been made:
W2RLB/2 - WA4LDU  approximately   567 miles
W2RLB/2 - WA1AC    approximately   543 miles
W2RLB/2 - W4DEX    approximately   473 miles
WW8II     - W4DEX                              510 miles

Solar Wind Speed at 17:45 = 296 km/sec

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