Friday, January 25, 2019

Low turnout today for the test in the NC, SC, GA, VA area. SC was the winner with WA1AC, W2AZQ and KP2AE present. W4DEX was the only NC station on and there were no participants from VA and GA that we heard. Signals were fair over these less than 100 mile paths with moderate QSB. 

WW8II on CW was heard 529 by W4DEX but much weaker than what his signal has been recently. WW8II worked AA9DE at 168 miles.

KGØVL's CW signal was barely detected by W4DEX and he reported this same his way. That 808 mile path has produced Q5 CW contacts and a few Q5 SSB contacts during the first few weeks of January. WW8II also reported KGØVL's CW much weaker than what has been the recent normal. KGØVL reported hearing AA9DE weak on ssb.

W4DEX heard W8TB calling CQ on CW and tried to make contact but no QSO was made. Later W4DEX heard weak SSB with no copy but was informed it was W8TB in QSO with WG3FU, a 115 mile path.

The solar X-Ray flux was higher today and the solar winds was also higher at around 600 km/sec.

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