Monday, January 21, 2019

No long distant contacts made today that we are aware of.   Noise due to dry air and wind was annoying again today.  QSB was much more noticable today than over the past few days but overall signals were good Q5 copy out to about 250 miles. 

At W4DEX AB4AM averaged S6, WB4WCJ S3, W2AZQ S5, WA4LDU S5, KP2AE S6, WA4PGI S5, WB4EZ S5, N3RFO just detectable, and WW8II on CW was 529.

AB4AM reported copying W2AZQ S9 at times

W2AZQ and WA4LDU had good copy on everyone except the more distant stations, WA4PGI, WB4EZ, WW8II and N3RFO.  WA4LDU had AB4AM and WB4WCJ S9 at times with deep QSB.

WA4PGI had a Q4 CW QSO with WW8II.

KP2AE reported hearing WB4EZ near S9 at times.  Much stronger that WB4EZ was at W4DEX 50 miles closer.  

WB4WCJ copied W2AZQ, WA4LDU, KP2AE, AB4AM and W4DEX Q5.

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