Saturday, January 5, 2019

Big turnout today and great propagation!  On today and copied most of the time by W4DEX was:

    K4DBK       Dennis      Reston, VA                308 miles
    W4HM        Howard    Harpers Ferry, WV    316 miles
    WA9FDO    Mike        Brownsburg, IN         316 miles
    KGØVL      Jeff           Fairbank, IA               808 miles  (Best DX)
    WA4PGI     Gene        Covington, VA           176 miles
    KD4RLD    Brian        Troy, NC                     29 miles
    WB4EZ      Johnny     Church Road, VA      202 miles
    KM4GBM  Nelson     Brodnax, VA              165 miles
    WA4LDU   Joe           Lexington, SC           212 miles
    AJ4EN        Bobby     Gray Court, SC          103 miles
    KP2AE       Joe           Clover, SC                   51 miles
    W4NUS     Guy          Charlotte, NC              24 miles
    AB4AM     Rob          Dawsonville, GA       216 miles
    K3BM        Jim           Monroe, PA                359 miles
    N9HLL       Rick         Lebanon, IN               316 miles

Two way exchange was made with all except K3BM.

WA4PGI, WA4LDU, WB4EZ, KD4RLD and KP2AE had good copy on KGØVL at times and probably could have made a complete QSO had they caught Jeff on a peak.  WA4LDU to KGØVL is 833 miles.

Jeff, KGØVL, reported:   strong magnetic conditions here in Iowa last night around 0500 utc,  with good aurora cw  returns from the EN09/b on 50 mcs.  You are now calling on 1.900 at 1818 utc and very loud.  In fact, I can hear you in the other room!


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