Thursday, January 24, 2019

Local signals today were way down from yesterday.  WB4EZ who has been averaging S5 recently was S1 at W4DEX over the 202 mile path.  Hardly no QSB was observed.   KW4DE and KP2AE noticed the same lower signal from WB4EZ.  WB4WCJ was also weak but readable at W4DEX which is below what we've recently seen.

WA4PGI was S5 at W4DEX on that 175 mile path which isn't much less than what we've recently seen.  KP2AE and KW4DE also reported about normal signal level from WA4PGI

WW8II was heard on CW by all in NC, SC and VA but his signal wasn't near as strong as recently seen. 

WW8II reported a 599 CW QSO with KGØVL at 444 miles.  Maybe the more northern latitude paths were better than at lower latitudes.  

At the end of the daily test W4DEX did make a quick 519 both way, 808 mile, CW QSO with KGØVL.   

WA1AC reported his antenna was down due to an overnight storm.

The solar X-ray flux was a bit higher today due to the recent reappearance of sunspot group 2733.  Also noted was an increase in solar wind speed which was above 600 km/sec.  Some geomagnetic field disturbance is expected so tomorrow's session will be interesting.    

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