Sunday, January 6, 2019

Propagation was back to about normal today even though there was several C class X-ray flare prior to 1730 UT.  Present today, that we are aware of, were K4CFZ, WA4PGI, WB4EZ, WW8II, W3BQG and W4DEX.  WW8II on CW was heard by all.  WA4PGI had a CW exchange with him.  WA4PGI also had a SSB QSO with W4BQG who was not heard by K4CFZ and W4DEX.  WB4EZ was good copy at W4DEX and K4CFZ with little QSB.

Yesterday's enhanced propagation happen the day after the small X-ray flare on the 4th.  We will see tomorrow if todays flares enhance propagation.  That is if there are no more flares tomorrow.

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