Friday, January 11, 2019

Another interesting session of the 1900 kHz 1730UT activity.  Local signals were considerable down and greatly varied from what we've had recently.  WA4LDU, 100 miles averaged only S3 with a few S7 peaks but also frequently getting close to the noise at W4DEX.  KP2AE at 50 miles was closer to normal at S7 also with deep QSB.  At 216 miles AB4AM's signal was more stable averaging S5.  W3BQG, Dick in PA running 500 watts at 342 miles was fairly stable with averaging S2 copy at W4DEX.  WW8II running 1.5 kw at 510 miles was stable at S2 to S3 copy. WB4WCJ in Hardeeville, SC at 208 miles had some QSB peaking S3 but never got close to the noise like the closer stations.  W4NUS was also on and heard AB4AM, WA4LDU and KP2AE.

WW8II as heard at W4DEX:

W3BQG as heard at W4DEX:

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