Monday, January 28, 2019

We saw somewhat mixed conditions today on 1900 kHz.  The WB4EZ to W4DEX, 202 mile path, was weak today over multiple transmissions.  Typically the signal at W4DEX is around S3 to S5 with some QSB.  Also there was no copy on WW8II in CW mode at all the NC and SC stations.  WW8II has been heard in CW mode every time he has been known to be present for the past several months.  

Signal strength among the NC and SC stations present today may have been down slightly today but if so by very little.  KU4XR joined us today for the first time and was copied well by KP2AE at 163 miles but he was weak on the 280 mile path to W4DEX.  

Due to the signals from WB4EZ being weak and no signal from WW8II at W4DEX, the real surprise was the 808 mile path to KGØVL was Q5 at times.

WW8II reported a QSO with W3BQG

Stations know to be present today are WA1AC, KP2AE, KW4DE, KGØVL, WB4EZ, AB2UE, KU4XR,  WW8II, W3BQG and W4DEX

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