Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Today before 1700UT there was more solar x-ray flux than we had yesterday.  The chart below show one peak hitting the C class flare level. 

The shorter paths were again down from what we have seen over the past few months at W4DEX .   Even the 51 mile path to KP2AE was only about S5 instead of the usual S9.  Also we noticed more QSB than normal.   WB4WJC at 192 miles averaged only S2 where S7 has been typical.

The slightly longer paths seemed to peak at what has been normal but with deep QSB fades.  AB4AM at 216 miles was S9 at times with dips to about S3.  K4DBK's signal ranged from S7 to S2 but never.

K4DBK was able to make complete exchanges with AB4AM and W4DEX (308 miles).  K4DBK also worked W3BQG with a S9 report.

Again the real surprise was the KGØVL to W4DEX 808 mile path which was slightly better than yesterday.  Click on link below for mp3 audio file of KGØVL's signal as heard at W4DEX. 

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